Considering Pet Insurance: Is It Worth It?

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You love your pet, but you also have bills.  Have you ever been concerned whether you can afford to take your pet to the veterinarian for an emergency or special procedure? Or if you should have pet insurance?

Pet insurance can help you cover your animal’s health care costs, but there are several considerations to keep in mind.

When It Comes to Pet Insurance, Know Your Options

Just like human health insurance, pet insurance plans vary. Some plans cover basic wellness plans. This is a good baseline insurance, as it will help defer the cost of annual exams, vaccinations, and other routine care.

If your pet has an adventurous spirit, is clumsy, or rascally like the retriever from Marley and Me, you might consider a plan that covers accidents, too.  Older pets should have plans that cover emergency and specialty care.

Obtaining pet insurance for your pet when they are a puppy or kitten is important to helping your decrease the cost of the insurance and reduce your pet’s disqualifications for pre-existing conditions.  Generally, the early you start, the less your premium will be for your pet, but it’s never too late to start your pet on pet insurance!

Pet Insurance Works Differently 

Also, pet insurance usually does not cover pre-existing conditions such as allergies, chronic ear infections, and orthopedic conditions.  Take the time to understand a plan’s limitations as it relates to your pet’s medical history before you initiate a new policy.

Another unique thing about pet insurance is that it is a reimbursement program. This means that you pay for the initial treatment for your pet and then file a claim with your insurance company for reimbursement.  It’s important to understand the insurance plan’s ins-and-outs before you commit to it.

In Most Cases, Pet Insurance Is Worth It

Even if you are financially secure, you should consider pet insurance. For one, pet insurance can help guard against the full cost of your pet’s medical care. Most Americans can get blindsided by emergency bills. Pet insurance helps you to budget pet health care costs and allows you to save your emergency funds for other things. Insurance also gives you peace of mind, and the power to choose the best treatment for your pet without sacrificing care for the sake of cost.

Finding the Right Insurance Plan for Your Pet

There are many different pet insurance companies out there with a variety of plans. Some car and home insurances even include pet insurance in their bundles. Many plans have different deductibles, premiums, and copay requirements depending on the company or plan you choose. Pet insurance also usually has a waiting period between when you purchase it and when you can start using it.

The following websites also offer great information on pet insurance:

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